race Alpha Droid
sex {{{sex}}}
role Tracking Drone
location Vault 18
quests Wait, We Have Robots?
A Roboto Mori
karma Neutral
special 10 ST, 8 PE, 10 EN, 1 CH, 7 IN, 5 IN, 8 LK
derived stats Hit Points: 400→2200→3700 DT=15
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perks ALPHA Strike
level 4→22→37 (PC level x 0.75)
voice actor {{{actor}}}
baseid xx0dd057
refid xx0dcc94

A L P H A is one of two robot companions in Fallout: New California. This combat robot is a unique companion to a player who follows the Scientist path and completes the text-adventure mini-game with 75 Science (which in the early game means he is only available to very strict Science focused characters with high intelligence).

If ALPHA is in the player's party, special dialogue options are available with certain characters that allow the large machine to execute the player's enemies for them, with the obvious faction hostility that comes with it. During conversations, ALPHA is only able to speak in binary.

ALPHA is the most powerful companion with the highest armour and health, making him a tank capable of making up for a Science oriented character's lack of other skills, like Speech and Combat abilities.

ALPHA's origin is a mystery. Found in a junk heap in Union City, Dr. Rossman traded for the hulk and began rebuilding him, only to be frustrated when it turned out the hard drives and power source were damaged. The Star Player's brother, Shawn, repaired the hard drives in his spare time, overwriting his boot protocols to create a Role Playing Game. The player must beat the RPG to start ALPHA's companion quest.