Albert Christianson
race Human, Caucasian
sex Male
role Vault 18 Overseer
location Vault 18
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voice actor Eric Schumacher
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Albert Christianson is the acting democratically elected Overseer of Vault 18 in 2261.

History Edit

Interaction with the Player Character Edit

If the player goes down the Path of the Warrior, Christianson will ask them to visit his office, where he will congratulate the player for scoring the winning goal. He will ask the player to keep an eye out for John Bragg, knowing that with the election coming up (with a ten-point lead in popularity), Bragg may be planning something. The player can either agree, or if they have the Born Soldier II perk, refuse.

If the player chooses to join the Enclave, Colonel Bragg will order the player to accompany them to Christianson's safe room, where he will be killed by Bragg, only to have triggered the Vault's self-destruct measure. On Christianson's desk will be his last will and testament, as well as a letter admitting he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and only had four years to live.