Anti-Missile Radar Site A is a ruined pre-war military base located on the outskirts of Union City, California.

Background Edit

Located in the hills South of Union City, this missile base was tasked with detecting and destroying Chinese nuclear missiles in the event of an attack, as part of the United States' anti-missile defense grid. On October 23, 2077, it failed it its function as the Great War struck, though it was not itself directly hit by any missiles. The base was abandoned and left to decay, and as of 2260 remains unoccupied, sans salvagers who scour the site for any remaining loot.

Layout Edit

The Radar Site is a collection of destroyed, inaccessible pre-war miltiary structures and trucks, including two barracks, an artillery emplacement and a pair of enormous radar dishes. One of the radar dishes has collapsed and been converted into a makeshift salvage camp.