Black Horse Ranch is a Prewar suburban community in Athens, California that has been converted into the main residential and support complex of the Raider Alliance.

Background Edit

Prior to the Great War, Black Horse Ranch was one of the two main suburban communities in Athen, California, along with Mission Palms. It was an upper-class residential community catering to more affluent residents of the Cajon Pass, and part of the planned community that rose up around Athens-Tec Mine. Like in neighboring Mision Hills, the residents were caught in a panicked military evacuation of the town as the Great War struck, leaving many belongings and vehicles abandoned.

The town would later be reoccupied by the very descendants of some of the surviving Athens residents and mine employees, the Survivalists. They would heavily fortify and restore the walled community into a small fortress community, home to their Commanders and Elite Guard and their families, tended to by domestic slaves and fed by corn fields and water from Black Bear Lake.