Brian Evans is a member of Vault 18's Patriots Vault-Ball team.

History Edit

Brian Evan, like many of Vault 18's disenfranchised youth, was indoctrinated into John Bragg's "Patriots" club, becoming a officer under Chevy Bragg's command.

Interactions with the Player Character Edit

Save the Vault! Edit

Brian Evans will be encountered in the Vault Security HQ along with Chevy Bragg, having killed the Vault-Sec Officers guarding it and taken Johnny Matheson captive.

If the player is spotted by Chevy and fails to convince her to spare them, Brian will join her in turning hostile and attacking.

If the player convinced Chevy to spare them with either 8 Intelligence, 8 Charisma, or 8 Strength, she will order Brian to escort them to the armory and shoot at any escape attempt. Brian will confiscate the player's weapons and order them to proceed down the hallway, turning hostile if they deviate from the path. Once the player is in the armory Brian will lock the door and stand guard at it.

If a player picks the average lock Brian will turn hostile- alternatively, if Johnny Matheson is woken up he will smash the door open and automatically kill Brian before rampaging through the atrium.

If the player has not yet visited the Vault-Sec HQ and is ordered to kill Chevy by Paul Evanson, Brian will be present and must be killed as well.

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