Under constructionThe following content is from the Second Instalment which has not been released and can change.
Bridge Over Eye-15
location I-15 Cajon Pass Bridge
given by Ranger Vargas
reward Unknown
leads to A More Perfect Union
previous Lost Roads
related Jailbreak
baseid Unknown

Bridge Over Eye-15 is a main quest in Fallout: Project Brazil.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The quest is given to you by Ranger Kerry Vargas, who you will meet on the road to Union City during the quest Lost Roads. Vargas will ask you to help her with defeating Survivalist Raiders at the I-15 Bridge, where NCR Captain Less Jameson and his Bravo Company are under fire.

Once you have agreed to help, you head on forward on the highway. You will start to see raiders and NCR troopers fighting. You will eventually find Captain Jameson who will tell you to kill the Raider Commander and destroy their artillery. Some supplies are located behind Jameson, should you need them.

Once the commander, John Noss, is dead - and the artillery computer has been destroyed or shut down - you and the troops will head towards Union City. Along the way, you and the party will be attacked by smaller groups of Survivalists, but they will be easy to cut down.  

Once you reach the city, you will be directed towards the the El Casino Ballroom. You will also meet Yetti Hale, if you have Jenifer Hale in your party. She will stay with him until the quest Journey to the Deep. Union City at this point is on high alert, with all civilians locked in their homes and the shops or bars closed.

Once you are in the Ballroom, you will be told to go meet General Silverman; you will see him arguing with Senator DuVille. Once the officers are done arguing over what to do about the situation, you can talk to him. He will give you the quest "A More Perfect Union" and this quest will end. If the player is wearing Vault 18 armour, or they were mouthing off to Silverman, they can be incarcerated momentarily before getting drafted into battle, which still ends the quest and starts A More Perfect Union.

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