1st Installment Edit

2nd Installment Edit


  • Boss Juan Marxson-Elsdragon (Raider Warlord)
  • General John Noss
  • Captain Eli Jackson
  • Kieva Nanjima (Shi Warlord)
  • Old Tom Farley (Psycho Warlord)
  • Jarl Thor Coriolis (Vault Viking Warlord)
  • Priestess Sylvia Semi (Viper Warlord)
  • Wilson Wilco (Old Guard Warlord)
  • Chief Hassan Ahmed (Black Vulture Warlord)
  • Beuford Duffney
  • Mevile The Voiceless
  • Mandrake the Nightkin
  • Giaus Diocletian
  • Casio Fulminatrix
  • Eliza Elsdragon (Elsdragon's Daughter)


  • Senator Paul DuVille (Bishop Family Mobster)
  • General Bill Silverman (NCR Territorial Command)
  • Captain Less Jameson
  • Ranger Kerry Vargas
  • Molly Stormcrow (Vendor)
  • Walter (Union City Gate Guard)
  • Stunning Steven Bowie (Wrestler)
  • Doctor Marius (Ex-Brotherhood Scientist)
  • Berto Grumman
  • Jack Miller (Mercenary Commander)


  • Chieftain O'óga
  • O'ógason
  • Cheyenne
  • Tribal Guard
  • Tribal Super Mutant
  • Agoo
  • Dr. Rossman Hologram


  • Papa Bug Bear (Warlord)
  • The Gatekeeper

Free Agents

  • Bill Camper
  • Annai Oran
  • Jerri Oran
  • Jil Rossman
  • Katheryn Hale

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