location Vault 18 Atrium
given by Chevy Bragg
reward 100 XP
Johnny Matheson as a Companion
leads to
previous None
related Save The Vault
baseid xx9a172e

Detention is a Side Quest in Fallout New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Walk to the detention area.
Find a way to escape.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Detention is started after the quest Go to bed but can only be unlocked if you have not gained Coach Bragg's approval and joined the patriots or if you are a Nerd. The quest is initiated when you encounter Chevy Bragg in the vault security office. The quest cannot be started if the Patriots are already hostile towards you since Chevy will simply open fire immediately without initiating conversation. To avoid the patriots being hostile to you, you cannot kill any patriots on the way and you cannot tell Terra May that you are against the patriots when you encounter her. If you are a nerd, there is no dialogue option to avoid Terra attacking you so the only thing you can do is make her follow you without talking to her and lead her to members of vault security that will kill her allowing you to both avoid her. You can also do this as an Athlete but you have dialogue option that allow you to avoid conflict.

If you are a nerd, you can start the quest by running towards the elevators that lead to exit of the vault. You will have to pass the vault security office. You will automatically initiate dialogue with Chevy Bragg, and she will tell her subordinate to kill you. If you have an intelligence of 8, you can convince her to let you live and she will put you in the cell with Johnny Matheson. Once you are in the cell you can escape by either picking the level 50 lock or by waking up Johnny and having him force open the lock. He will kill Chevy and exit the vault on his own and the quest will end

If you are an athlete, you cannot be on the patriots side but you need to still not be hostile towards them. When Chevy asks you why you are late, your only option should be that you got lost, she will then try to have you shot. Now you will have three options to be spared. You can get away with a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. check of level 8 Intelligence, level 8 Endurance or level 7 Charisma. Once you are there you have the same options as the Nerd character however you also have the additional option of gaining Johnny as a companion, if you apologized to him in the quest No Hard Feelings. Either way the quest will end regardless of your decision.