Domo Arigato
Domo Arigato
location Vault 18
given by Roboto Dog Terminal
reward b6RK Companion
leads to Live Free or Die
previous Wait, We Have Robots?
related A Roboto Mori
baseid xx0dcca4

A Domo Arigato is a companion quest in Fallout: Project Brazil

Quick walkthroughEdit

Repair the robot dog.
Find 1 Droid Radio Unit, 1 Fission Battery, and 1 Scrap Electronics to fix the robot dog.
Power up the robot dog.
Get a good night's sleep while B-6-RK updates.
Retrieve B-6-RK from the Robotics Lab.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Once you have gained access to the robotics lab by starting the quest Wait, We Have Robots? go to the left from the entrance and you will find the body of b6RK. Hack the "Roboto Dog Terminal" next to b6RK (50 science required). By selecting the available options, will be told that you need to repair b6RK. If you have a repair skill of 30 you can repair him immediately, however if you don't, you can repair him with spare parts. You need 1 Droid Radio Unit, 1 Fission Battery, and 1 Scrap Electronics to fix b6RK. All of the parts can be found on the shelf to the far left from b6RK.

Once you have repaired the dog you need to activate him on the terminal. You will then have to come back to b6RK after competing the quest Go to bed to finish the quest and gain him as a companion.

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