The Enclave Patriots, or Patriot program, is outwardly a defense program developed by Coach John Bragg to train Vault 18's young inhabitants to defend the Vault in the event of an external threat. In truth, it is a personal militia he and his sister Chevy have created to seize control of the Vault and bolster the Enclave Remnants with fresh Prime Normal Recruits.

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Interactions with the Player Character Edit

Inventory Edit

Weapon Edit

  • 10mm Pistol
  • Laser Pistol
  • Hunting Shotgun
  • Light Machine Gun (Hydroponics only)
  • Baseball Bat

Apparel Edit

  • Vault "Patriot" Uniform
  • Vault "Patriot" Officer Uniform
  • Vault "Patriot" Hat

Carried Items Edit

  • Random Loot

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Notes Edit

  • The Patriots will remain nonhostile to a Vault 18 Security-aligned player and any companions until they either enter the Upper Apartments, or escape from custody during the quest Detention.