Failure Means Death
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location Vault 18 Terrarium
given by John Bragg
reward 100 XP
Killer of Vault 18
leads to Red White and Blood
previous Hell To Pay
baseid xx0d14e6

Failure Means Death is the second Quest of the Enclave Squad Leonidas Arc in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Gather your allies and resources and head to the Main Door.
Reach the cave exit and escape.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The quest is given to you by Colonel Bragg directly after the quest Hell to Pay. He will tell you that the vault is about to self destruct and that you should leave, taking whoever you can with you.

Unlike in the quest Live Free or Die, you will not have many options of companions to take with you out of the vault because most of them will be either dead or hostile towards you, since you support the Patriots. The only person you can take with you from the vault is Ben Kurtz; you will meet him after coming out of the elevator to the entrance.

When you reach the entrance, you will see the rest of the vault evacuating, they will not be hostile. The members of the vault will be shot by Enclave soldiers in power armor however they will not shoot at you. The turrets by the very exit will not be hostile towards you either. Once you have reached the exit, the quest and the first installment will end.