Go To Bed
Go to bed
location Vault 18, Dream World (with Wild Wasteland)
given by John Bragg or Kevin Rossman
reward 1113 XP
leads to Save The Vault or Hell to Pay
previous Report To Vault Security or Fix The Old Computer
baseid xx0ce089
Go To Bed is the final Prologue Quest in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Go to bed when you are ready.
Speak with the Old Man.
Follow the Path of Lights

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest is added in the very beginning of the game and can be started at any time. However, note that when you start the quest, you can not do any quests unlocked before Go to bed. Starting this quest also ends the prequel.

Wild Wasteland Edit

The quest is straight forward. After going to sleep, you wake up in a tent in a dream sequence. You see an old man. He tells you have to walk through the temple. It does not matter what dialogue options you choose.

Walk straight and enter the temple. Walk to the end of the room to see a hole in the floor and a flaming floor. Behind the flames is the unique weapon, The Chosen One. An Endurance of 8 is required to pass the fire alive.

To continue, jump down the hole carefully, and land on some floating boulders connected by wooden bridges. You have to cross the bridges to get to the very bottom. There are enemies on the way across the bridges. If you do not have The Chosen One, it is best to ignore all enemies on the way down.

Once down, there is one way that splits into two, both lead to the same direction. You see a Super Mutant. After talking to him, run forward as fast as you can. Keep running forward and enter the next room - he does not follow you. (Defeating the Super Mutant grants you the "Mutant Repellant" Perk. Adding +10 damage against Super Mutants. This can be done by grabbing the missile launcher and two missiles behind him.)

There are some rocks separated by water in the next room. Cross the rocks and try not to fall in the water. If you do, you can swim to the end.

Now you see members of the vault burning, and Feral Ghouls spawning. It is important to be constantly moving forward. Go to the left and up the hill to see your room. Enter it and go to your bed. You wake up and the quest ends.