Go to bed is a quest in Fallout: Project Brazil

Go to bed
Go to bed
location Vault 18 and
Dream Space
given by None
reward 1113XP
leads to SAVE THE VAULT or
Hell to Pay
previous Tackle or Dodge
related Detention
baseid xx0ce089

Quick walkthroughEdit

Go to bed when you are ready.
Speak with the Old Man.
Follow the Path of Lights

Detailed walkthroughEdit

This quest is added in the very beginning of the game and can be started at any time. However note that when you start the quest, you will not be able to do any quests unlocked before Go to bed. Starting this quest will also end the prequel

The quest is quite straight forward. After going to sleep, you will wake up in a tent in a dream sequence. You will see an old man, he will tell you that you have to walk through the temple. It does not matter what dialogue options you choose.

Walk straight and enter the temple. When you're in, walk to the end of the room and you will see a hole in the floor. Jump down carefully, and you will land on some floating boulders connected by wooden bridges.You have to cross the bridges to get to the very bottom. There will be enemies on the way across the bridges. Since you have no weapons it is easiest to simply ignore all enemies on the way down.

Once down, there is one way that splits into two, both ways lead to the same direction. You will see a super mutant, he will talk to you. After talking to him, run forward as fast as you can - you can not beat him with your fists. Keep going forward and enter the next room - he will not follow you. (Defeating the super mutant will grant you the "Mutant Repellant" Perk. Adding +10 damage against super mutants. This can be done by grabbing the missile launcher and two missles shortly after him.)

There will be some rocks separated by water in the next room. Cross the rocks and try not to fall in the water, however if you do, you can still swim to the end.

Now you will start to see members of the vault burning, and ghouls will start to spawn. It is important to be constantly moving forward. Go to the left and up the hill; you will start to see your room. Enter it as fast as you can and go to your bed. You will wake up and the quest will end.

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