Under constructionThe following content is from the Second Instalment which has not been released and can change.
Confrontation with the Super Mutant
location Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
given by Elsdragon
reward Unknown
leads to Join the War Machine
previous Lost Roads
related Card Under The Table
baseid Unknown

HELL’S GATE is a main quest in Fallout: Project Brazil.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Hells Gate is started if you are captured by the Survivalist Raiders. Once you have been knocked unconscious with a stun grenade, you wake up in Athens-Tec Uranium Pit.

You will have dialogue with with the raider leader, Elsdragon. He explains you are now a slave and must prove your worth. He sends you to the bottom of the pit to kill a super mutant that has been causing trouble.

Once you are finished talking, jump down to the bottom of the pit, you wont die. Once you are down, you will be in a large open cave. Mevile the Voiceless greets you upon landing. The landing site has several terminals and miners that can be found as well as some loot.

Walk thorough the cave, while fighting past your way through ghoul roamers, until you reach the final room where you will find a Super mutant Behemoth who you need to kill. If you are a Nerd there are several traps that can be activated to kill the mutant, most noteworthy is a large laser weapon that can be controlled with a detonator. As an Athlete with high Charisma, you can convince a group of minors to try to defeat the mutant.

Once you have killed him, you can loot the key to the elevator back to the surface from his body. Once you reach the mine entrance, you can talk to Elsdragon again; he will give you an objective to join Nos at the Vertibird platform where they will depart and this quest ends.

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