How Do I Gurl?
How Do I Gurl?
location Vault 18
given by Jenifer Hale
reward None
leads to
previous None
related Report to Vault Security, Off To See The Wizard
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How Do I Gurl? is a Prologue Quest on the Path of the Warrior in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Meet with Jenifer in her room.
Get Bragg to talk.
Report back to Jen.
Follow Jen to her Secret Spot.
Wait for Bragg at the Atrium Diner at 10pm.
Break into Bragg's Office before 6am.
Enter Bragg's Office.
Access Bragg's Terminal
Forward the list to Jenifer's computer
Sneak out of the Gym.
Leads to:Off to See the Wizard

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The quest is started when you leave the office of Coach Bragg, you will encounter Jenifer Hale in the hallway on the way to the stadium, talking to her and agreeing to meet her in her room will start the quest.

Jenifer's room is to the right of the door to your room (entering). After talking to Jenifer's father, she will ask you to find out what coach Bragg's "list" represents. If the player is in good terms with Bragg (if you passed all the checks after picking your SPECIAL stats) he will tell you what the list is for, you can then report back to Jenifer and the quest will finish

If Bragg does not tell you what the list is for or refuse to speak to you, you will have to go back to Jenifer and tell her you cant get the information. She will then say that you need to sneak into Bragg's office and find the list on his computer, she will ask you to follow her to her secret spot where she will give you a stealth boy.

Once you have the stealth boy, go with Jenifer to the diner in the Atrium and wait until 10pm, a few minutes later, you will see Bragg. Once you have seen Bragg you can go into the stadium. When you enter crouch and activate the stealth boy (if your sneak is good enough, you don't need to use the stealth boy and can save it for later). Sneak into Bragg's office, use his computer and send the list to Jenifer's computer, after talking to her you can sneak out of the gym and finish the quest.