I'd Wrestle A Bear For You
I’d Wrestle a Bear for You
location Vault 18
given by Kira Mann
reward 50 XP
leads to
related Fix The Old Computer
baseid xx0cb363

I’d Wrestle A Bear For You is a Prologue Quest on in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Talk to Kira Mann
and agree to help her.
Access Reports from the
Tier 2 Terminal Network.
Speak with Dr. Rossman
about unlocking the terminals.
Enable the
top Tier Switches.
Convince Dr. Rossman
to unlock the terminals
Check the status of the
Tier 1 Network.
Watch Dr. Rossman
unlock the terminals.
Enable the
bottom Tier Switches.
Check the status of the
Tier 2 Network.
Speak with Maria
to unlock the terminals.
Investigate the unlocked terminals.
Share the scouting reports with Kira.
Offer further help to Kira.
Access Reports from the Tier 2 Terminal Network.
Share the scouting reports with Kira.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The quest can start as a Nerd or an Athlete, however, in order to to do it as an Athlete, you need an Intelligence of 7--earning you the Smart Jock perk. Since its unlikely to have Intelligence 7 when you're a jock, the quest is much easier as a Nerd.

As a Nerd, the quest can start while doing Fix The Old Computer. Simply follow the objectives, until you have enabled the tier two terminals. When they are enabled, you can access Kira Mann's Terminal (Tier 1, Terminal 5) by the door to the room with Maria. After reading her notes, you can talk to Kira. She asks you to help her find more information on her missing tribe. You can get this information in Tier 2, Terminal 4 in the corner in the main computer room. She tells you what she thinks and the quest ends.

To activate the quest as an Athlete, go to Kira in the computer lab, pass the intelligence speech check, and offer to help her. She asks you to gather information from the Tier Two Terminals. However, they are disabled. You have two ways to enable the Terminals. The easier option is asking Dr. Rossman to enable them, if you have a Charisma of 7. The second option is enabling them yourself, but you need a Science of 45. The objectives to enable the terminals on your own are found in the quest, Fix The Old Computer.