Colonel John Bragg is an Enclave officer who serves as a primary antagonist for a non-Enclave-affiliated player character in Fallout: Project Brazil.

Background Edit

Coach John Bragg claims to come from a long line of settlers in Idaho before the Great War, but his true history is much more of a mystery.

The real Colonel John Bragg was a ranking officer and commander of the special ops Squad Leonidas in the Enclave Military before the NCR-Enclave War, and shortly before the destruction of their Oil Rig headquarters, he was assigned to infiltrate and capture Vault 18 and its inhabitants. John and his "sister" Chevy came to Vault 18 on the invitation of the Wasteland Scouts, who found them in possession of a rare Water chip after theirs mysteriously stopped functioning.

After sending many years in Vault 18, he lead the Vault's Vault-Ball team in defence drills at the behest of Vault Security, whom Chevy fell into control of after a series of "accidents" left the post open. He used his influence to raise a generation of kids hell bent on restoring America to glory through good old fashioned American fire power. Those "Patriots" then joined him in a campaign to take over Vault 18 for themselves.

What happens next will be revealed in Part 2.

Interactions with the player character Edit

Quests Edit

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