Kevin Rossman
race Human
sex Male
role Vault Computer Tech
location Vault 18
quests Fix The Old Computer Wait, We Have Robots? No Hard Feelings Live Free or Die
karma TBA
special TBA
derived stats TBA
tag skills TBA
perks TBA
level TBA
voice actor TBA
baseid {{{baseid}}}
refid {{{refid}}}

Dr. Kevin Rossman is a character in Fallout: Project Brazil. Rossman has a love for machines and technology and prefers to go out to gather them. He tends to the player in the Medical Wing if the player chose to dodge in the intro (Scientist Path) causing a broken foot.

Throughout the course of the story, Dr. Rossman's exploits as a member of Vault 18's Wasteland Scouts is a recurring theme, often getting the player in trouble from his past mistakes, or his successes, come full circle with this new generation of explorers.

During the Enclave Patriot attack he attempted to get the robotic lab to aid in the fight but was wounded from a shot before making it. In his last moments he has a final talk with the Star Player, sending them on a mission to the Pinehaven Safehouse.

Background Edit

Interactions with the player character Edit

Quests Edit

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