Lost Roads
location Pinehaven Summit House
given by Self or Ben Kurtz
reward Unknown
leads to Bridge Over Eye-15 or
Hell's Gate
previous A Night In Pinehaven
baseid Unknown
Lost Roads is a Main Quest in Fallout: New California.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest starts after your encounter with Captain Jackson and his raiders. Once you have fended of the raiders, you must leave Pinehaven before raider backup arrives; you have three in-game hours otherwise the raiders will be waiting for you on the way out and capture you.

There is only one road that leads directly out of the town. Follow the road until you encounter an old man called Richard Camper. You will then have different dialogue with him depending on your karma level up to this point. If the player has good karma, Bill will tell the player to head to Union City. If they have bad karma, he will tell you to head to Athens-Tec.

If you are told to head to Union City, you will get a map marker to I-15 by taking a left on the road in front of you. If you are told to go to Athens-Tec you will receive a marker to head there directly by taking a right.

When heading to Union City you will eventually encounter Deser Ranger Kerry Vargas. She will ask you to help fend of Survivalist raiders, beginning the Quest Bridge Over Eye-15. If you somehow reach Union City without encountering Vargas, Walter the Gate Guard will deny you access and direct you to the NCR Caravan. Lost Roads will be completed when you aid the Caravan and are granted access to Union City by Less Jameson.

If you are heading to Athens-Tec, you will encounter large amounts of Raiders led by Wilson Wilco who will initiate dialogue with the player. At this point you can escape them if you have level 6 luck or agility, otherwise you will be captured and the quest Hell's Gate will start.