Under constructionThe following content is from the Second Instalment which has not been released and can change.

Memoirs of a Desert Ranger is a side-quest in the second part of Fallout: Project Brazil. In this quest, the player is locating five metal boxes left behind by a Desert Ranger over a century ago. Due to the amount of time that passed, the boxes are partly buried in the ground - requiring the player to be on the lookout for them. Four boxes holds a memoir page written by the Desert Ranger while the fifth box contains a unique weapon named "Star."


Box 1

Buried Box 1

Buried Box 1 location: The first box is found in front of Pinehaven Hospital. Buried Box 1 holds the first chronological memoir.

Box 2

Buried Box 2

Buried Box 2 location: The second box is found in Athens South Ranch. Buried Box 2 holds the second chronological memoir.

Box 3

Buried Box 3

Buried Box 3 location: The third box is found near the Alter of the Ghost. Buried Box 3 holds the third chronological memoir. A burial site for the Ranger's wife is also found here.

Box 4

Buried Box 4

Buried Box 4 location: The fourth box is found outside the wilderness cave. Buried Box 4 holds the fourth chronological memoir.

Box 5

Buried Box 5

Buried Box 5 location: The fifth box is found inside the wilderness cave. Buried Box 5 holds the Star special weapon.

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