Mission Palms is a pre-war suburban town located in Athens, California.

Background Edit

Prior to the Great War, Mission Palms was an upper-class community located on the northern edge of the town of Athens. Part of the sprawl that was built up around Athens-Tec Mine, it catered to wealthier residents of the Cajon Pass, offering spacious tract suburban housing with swimming pools and luxury amenities. As the Great War struck, residents in Mission Palms and the nearby Black Horse Ranch panicked, leaving valuables and cars abandoned in the streets alongside the military vehicles of the evacuation forces.

Left to rot and erode away in the desert, Mission Hills is one of the few areas of the old town of Athens which hasn't been re-occupied by the Raider Alliance, as it has slowly been colonized by cazadors from Big MT and swallowed by the encroaching sands that have buried the Northern reaches of the Pass.