No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings
location Vault 18
given by Kevin Rossman or
Johnny Matheson
reward Johnny Matheson as a Companion
leads to There's A Fixer For That
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No Hard Feelings is a Prologue Quest on the Path of the Warrior in Fallout: New California

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Visit Johnny in the Medical Bay.
Find Johnny Matheson in the aftermath.
Talk to Johnny or kill him.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

No hard feelings is only available if the player chose tackle and is an athlete. The quest can either be activated by talking to Dr. Rossman and choosing the charisma 7 speech check when he asks you why you broke Johnny Matheson's kneecap, or you can simply go directly to Johnny in the clinic.

When you talk to Johnny, you have an option of being nice or mean, the option you choose will affect how he reacts to you in future quests. Regardless of what dialogue option you choose the objective will be completed. You will receive no new objective after this but the quest is not over.

The quest is continued when you next meet Johnny during the Quests Detention or Defeat the Enclave! You will find him in a jail cell which you can get the keys to if you kill Chevy Bragg, you can either convince him to follow you and be your companion or kill him there, either option will complete the quest.