Off to See the Wizard
Off to See the Wizard
location Vault 18
given by Earnest Schwartz
reward None
leads to Go to bed
previous None
baseid xx0d02be

Off to See the Wizard is a main quest in Fallout: Project Brazil

Quick walkthroughEdit

Go to the Overseer's Office.
Optional: Accompany Earnest to the Overseer's Office.
Speak with Overseer Christianson.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The quest will activate automatically a few in-game hours after you start the game. Earnest Schwartz will initiate dialogue with you and tell you to go to the overseer's office. There you can either go to the office yourself or ask him to guide you there. The quest will also be activated automatically regardless of how much time has passed if you have competed either Fix The Old Computer or Report to Vault Security.

Once there, have a discussion with Overseer Christianson. The topic of discussion and available dialogue choices will be different depending on whether the player is an Athlete or Nerd. Once the dialogue is over, the quest will end.

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