Ooaxaca is a small tribal village that is located in a wide, flat valley Northwest of Xiabula.

Background Edit

Ooaxaca is occupied by Road Bandits, a mix of former California Tribals and those who have displaced them. As evidenced by the Glowing Dirty Water that can be found scattered about the camp, Ooaxaca's inhabitants have been infected by the Mind Virus (though they are apparently in the early stages of infection when the player encounters them, as they are still able to use firearms).

Layout Edit

Ooaxaca is a small ring encampment centered around a large bonfire, with a palisade wall of wooden posts. Three yurts are located around the ring, though only one of them can be entered by the player. Scattered about the camp are several sitting areas and supply caches, with a small radar dish connected to a monitor near the bonfire.

Notable Items Edit

  • Ranger Combat Helmet
  • Ranger Sequoiah

Both of these items can be found in the northern part of the camp, next to a collection of duffle bags and a medicine chest.

Notes Edit