Pipe Quest
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location Vault 18
given by Joe Marshall
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leads to Go To Bed
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related Report To Vault Security
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Pipe Quest is the alternative main Prologue Quest on the Path of the Warrior in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Report to Maintenance.
Fix the Old Pipe by the Administration Hallway
Talk to Sarah Carter if you get lost.
Return to Joe Marshall.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Pipe Quest is available to a player should they tell John Bragg they want to join Vault Maintenance or otherwise fail his and Chevy's tests to join Vault Security.

You can start the quest by going into the maintenance area through the elevator and talking to Joe Marshall. Tell him you were told to join maintenance and he will give you the task of repairing a pipe in the vault. You will gain a marker to where the pipe is but you can also get help from Sarah Carter if you need it.

You can repair the pipe if you have a repair skill of 30. However, if you have a charisma of 6, you can lie that you fixed the pipe. Once it is fixed, you can return to Joe and tell him the pipe is fixed or lie that it did not need to be fixed.