Save The Vault
location Vault 18
given by Officer Mark
reward 100 XP
Guardian of Vault 18
leads to Live Free or Die
previous Go To Bed
related Defeat the Enclave!
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Save The Vault is a Main Quest in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Get to the Hydroponics lab via the Upper Apartments
(Optional) - Sneak through the Pipeworks.
Navigate the Cistern.
Speak to Chief Evanson.
Check on Overseer Christianson

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Save the vault is given to you after finishing the quest Go to bed. You will wake up to an explosion and leave your room, you will see vault security guards shooting Colonel Bragg's Patriots. Speak to Earnest Schwartz after the fire fight is over, he will tell you what is going on and the quest will start.

You now have to get to the upper apartments, there are two ways to so. You can either go directly up the stairs from the Atrium by taking an immediate left after exiting the Lower Level Apartments. However this method is not recommended because you will run into Colonel Bragg and several Patriots. It will be very difficult to defeat them, therefore the second method is recommended.

The other way to get there is by going through the pipeworks. You need to go through a hatch that can be found between the doors to the two toilets found directly in front of the Lower Level Apartments. You need a key to access the hatch, it can be found on the body of Joe Marshall directly outside your room next to Earnest.

Once you have reached the apartments, you will have to fend off two Patriots. When they are dead, you need to talk to Sargent Norman who will tell you to go assist Chief Evanson in the Hydroponics lab and give you the keys to the Cistern and Lab.