Sarah Carter
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race Human
sex Female
role Vault 18 Administrative Assistant
location Vault 18
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Sarah Carter is an administrative assistant in Vault 18 in 2260.

History Edit

Sarah Carter is a young Vault 18 Resident who works in the Vault's administrative section, helping Overseer Christianson manage day to day functions.

Interactions with the Player Character Edit

Prologue Edit

Path of the Warrior Edit

Sarah can be encountered working in the Vault 18 administration area, usually in the main office. If the Player is looking for Overseer Christianson, she can be asked where he is, and asked a few questions about Vault 18.

Path of the Scientist Edit

Sarah will first be encountered walking down the hallway from the Vault Clinic as Dr. Rossman escorts the injured player to the Vault Computer Mainframe. She will greet Rossman and the player, and sympathize with the player for their broken leg.

Beyond this, all interactions are identical to the Path of the Warrior.

Save the Vault and Hell to Pay Edit

Sarah will be encountered in the Administration Area, being held at gunpoint by Coach Bragg, who will demand she give him the key to Overseer Christianson's office. She will refuse and be executed by Bragg.