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"Star", later known as the Courier, is the playable protagonist of Fallout: Project Brazil. Though the gender, appearance, and personality of the protagonist are customizable, any variant of Star will be identified by a blue star tattoo on their foot.

History Edit

Star was born, along with their adopted sibling Mandy and Shawn, to one of the California Tribes descended from the Vault 18 Exiles. Their tribe, notable for using a Blue Star as its symbol, was discovered to have been slaughtered by a Vault 18 expedition led by Kevin Rossman, with the three children as the only survivors. The orphaned children and those of the sister tribes that were also destroyed were taken back to Vault 18 and adopted by families living within the Vault, with the Vault Overseer adopting Star, Shawn and Mandy in addition to his own biological son.

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