Tackle Or Dodge
location Vault 18
given by New Game
reward 632XP
Nerd Super Star or Star Athlete
leads to Report to Vault Security or
Fix The Old Computer
baseid xx000bb3 (Nerd)
xx000bb4 (Athlete)

Tackle Or Dodge is the first Prologue Quest of Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Tackle or Dodge
Talk to Coach Bragg
Talk to Dr. Rossman
Use the Vigor Tester Machine
Use the Vigor Tester Machine
Report the Vigor Test results to Coach Bragg
Leads to: Report to Vault Security
Leads to: Fix The Old Computer

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After the intro cinematic, the player is standing in the Vault 18 stadium during the final game of this season of "Vault Ball". They player is being charged at by Johnny Matheson, a member of the rival team. At this point a prompt asks you if you would like to tackle Jonny or try to dodge his charge.

If you tackle Jonny, you become an Athlete. Having successfully tackled Jonny, and broken his kneecap in the process, you are transported to Coach Bragg's office. Bragg explains you are his star athlete and that your performance in the game has earned you a position in Vault Security. Bragg tells you to go to the Vigor Tester machine. Once you finish the test, tell Bragg your results to end the quest.

If you choose to dodge, you become a Nerd. You fail to dodge Jonny and get your left leg broken in the process. You wake up in the Vault Clinic. After waking up, you immediately fall to the ground from your injury. You then initiate dialogue with Dr. Rossman, who explains you are a nerd and what happened to you on the field. He mentions tasks in the computer room for you to complete and tells you to go to the clinic Vigor Tester machine. Once you finish the test, the quest ends.