Terra Mayson
race Human, Caucasian
sex Female
role Vault Patriot Jr. Officer
location Vault 18
quests Save the Vault, Hell to Pay
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Terra Mayson is a young Vault 18 resident that plays on Bragg's Patriots Vault-Ball team.

History Edit

Terra was, like many of the frustrated and impressionable youths in Vault 18, indoctrinated into Coach John Bragg's Patriot Program, serving as one of his chief officers along with John "Diesel" Anderson. Under Chevy Bragg's ruthless training, she was broken down to follow her order unquestioningly.

Interactions with Player Character Edit

Path of the Warrior Edit

An Athlete player will encounter Terra propositioning John Anderson in the entrance to the Girl's locker room in the Stadium after exiting Coach Bragg's office. The two will discuss having celebratory sex and will only offer ambient dialogue if interrupted by the player.

Path of the Scientist - Prequel Edit

If the player chooses to dodge Johnny Matheson and is subsequently knocked out, Dr Rossman will mention that Terra helped Jaime Cambell in taking him/her to the Vault infirmary.

Go to Bed Edit

Terra is seen being ordered by Bragg to detonate the upstairs Transformers during the cuscene. She is seen hiding on an upper walkway in the Upper Apartments when she triggers the explosion, causing the Lower Apartments to cave in and killing many Vault Residents. Terra is then tasked with rounding up Vault 18 residents for processing in the Stadium. She encounters Earnest Schwartz and drags him to the Stadium at gunpoint, but is distracted when the Vault resident revolt and gunfire erupts, allowing Earnest to escape to the lower apartments.

Save the Vault/Hell to Pay Edit

Terra will confront the play with a 10mm pistol drawn in the Hallway leading to the Atrium from the Lower Apartments, demanding to know if the player is "one of them or one of us."

Path of the Scientist Edit

Choosing either dialogue option will cause Terra to turn hostile and attack the player. Terra can be killed without turning the other Enclave Patriots hostile, or she can be lured to be killed by the two Vault-Sec Officers, Earnest Schwartz, or the activated Protectron.

Path of the Warrior Edit

If the player has not joined the Vault Patriots in the Prequel, Terra's dialogue will be identical to the Path of the Scientist.

If the player passed Bragg's tests and joined the Patriots, Terra will ask why they are in the Lower Apartments and not with the other Patriots.

With the Born Soldier Perk she can be reminded that the player is her superior and will guide them to go find Colonel Bragg and Chevy.

By mentioned Mandy and Shawn are dead, followed by a 8 Charisma-Check, the player will cause Terra's allegiance to be shaken and she and break down at the horror of what she has done.

Regardless of the outcome, she will rejoin Bragg in the Administration Area, and join in the final assault on the Hydroponics Wing, where she will likely be killed by V-Sec or the Player.

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