Vault 18
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown
Vault 18 is a Vault-Tec Industries Vault located near San Bernardino, California that serves as the starting location in Fallout: Project Brazil.

History Edit

Vault 18 was commissioned by California Senator Andrew Skolls, a US politician with political and financial connections to the Enclave and West-Tek. It was ostentiously created as the "control control Vault", serving as the hub for intra-Vault communications via a series of underground cables running across the continental United States of America to all Vault-Tec shelters. In reality, the purpose of the Vault's experiment was to monitor the reaction of a Vault population with knowledge of the social experiments being conducted in the other Vaults. Ironically, the Vault experiment was never initiated, as Senator Skolls and his daughter were caught in a car accident by the Great War, and the Vault quickly seized by the resident MP security force, who detained the two resident Vault-Tec agents (whom would commit suicide rather than face retaliation) and executed the unfortunately overseer. The MPs, discovering the Vault's nature, cut the connector cables to most other Vaults and established Vault 18 as a semi-democratic society with an elected Overseer.

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